Let’s Go ‘Energetic’…!!

Amjath wants Tessa to begin writing for this site; but Tessa is ‘busy with other work’. Since I am seldom working and mostly sleeping, they choose me for the work.

‘Content writers can’t be choosers’, they say. So I have no choice, I give a willy-nilly nod and say, “OK, I will do it”. Where do I begin? What should be the theme for this site? I continue to be confused, as usual, and Sreekumar, my neighbour at office who ends every sentence in Skype with three dots and an exclamation mark (…!) reminds me to put a link to Oracle Advertising or R1 Global Ltd Northampton,his clients…

So, now over to the theme. I ask in Skype group chat and Amjath suggests beginning with things pertaining to energy.

So here we go, we discuss everything pertaining to energy (literally everything) on this site. Beginning next post, we’ll start the discussions, in all ways possible. Keep watching this space…

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